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Awareness, not just for self defense.

I get asked, rather often, besides self defense when does all of the “stuff” we talk about matter. 

Well friends, i was heading to lunch today and used my awareness skills for a good cause. 
i was stopped at a traffic light when a four door white sedan ahead of me punched the gas and slammed right into a red suv. Both drivers exited and looks were exchanged. I noted the white cars Michigan plates and the plate number. The white car said they would go to the parking lot directly to their right to talk. Well what the white car really did was drive in one side of the parking lot and speed out the other end. The lady who was hit had no idea the white car fled until i got out of my car and spoke with her.

The lady who was hit had no idea of the plate number or the car description and was very thankful i had it. The lady in the white car who hit and ran will not be happy.

So remember, think critically, be aware and help one another.

Oh and do not hit and run. You will get caught.

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