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Why carry a flashlight?

Whether a lethal threat or adverse situation, a flashlight can be a vital tool.

If you find yourself facing a threat that you believe lethal , it is vital that you identify that threat.  We have heard many stories of men, woman, even family members wounding and in some cases killing their neighbors or family members because they engaged what they believed a threat before identifying that threat.  This is generally due to fact that the perceived threat was not well lit, night time conditions.  Were you the person above would you not give anything to go back and tell yourself carry a flashlight?

If the power goes out in your building or you are in a crash at night a flashlight can make a huge difference.  From personal experience I can tell you that when the power goes out, even for a short time, people will follow the person with a light source.  My small streamlight illuminated the room and hallways enough that people congregated around me and followed me towards the exits.  Many persons there stated how they wished they had even a keychain flashlight or something.

Is a flashlight part of your every day carry (EDC)?

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