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3 Gun Video

Some of my 3 Gun video footage for you guys and gals.

3 Gun – September 20th, 2015

We were able to head out to the last 3 Gun of the year in Garretsville, Ohio. We had a great time and as the video shows improvement is still needed. On stage 1 we had a small head target at about 100 yards that I could not hit for the life of me.

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3 Gun in Garretsville, Ohio

Have you been considering attending a 3 Gun?

I made a concsious effort to attend 4 this summer and I had a blast.

If you have ever shot USPSA or IDPA, think how much you fun you had doing that and mutliply it by 3.

3 Gun is a great way to keep your skills sharp at a very reasonable price.  You also get to meet a lot of great people who are like minded.

Get out there and train, practice and have fun guys and gals!

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Illegal alien deported 5 times with 7 felonies released then uses a federal agents gun to kill a young lady!

This guy has been deported 5, yes FIVE, times.
He has 7, yes SEVEN, felonies.
He was release due to San Francisco being a punch of pussies and having sanctuary rules.
He said he picked up a gun, that he found on a bench, and it started firing on its own.
Did I mention it was a stolen, yes STOLEN, gun from a federal agent?
Someone else says he went there to shoot at sea lions.
He then shoots a young lady for no reason!

You cannot make this stuff up!

First, he is hear ILLEGALLY. He is a criminal. Do not release him, grow a pair San Francisco and starting punishing criminals, not rewarding them!

Still looking for a reason to get your concealed carry license. This ought to be a pretty good reason. Evil exists and it strikes everywhere and anywhere. Be ready when it strikes you!



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Bastion LLC Power Bank Initial Impressions and Quick Overview

A first impression video on the Bastion LLC battery bank.
The battery bank is a 12000mah battery backup device that allows you to charge your electronics on the go.
A great addition to your EDC.

Check them out at:

Check Shield and Sword Academy out at:

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Awareness, not just for self defense.

I get asked, rather often, besides self defense when does all of the “stuff” we talk about matter. 

Well friends, i was heading to lunch today and used my awareness skills for a good cause. 
i was stopped at a traffic light when a four door white sedan ahead of me punched the gas and slammed right into a red suv. Both drivers exited and looks were exchanged. I noted the white cars Michigan plates and the plate number. The white car said they would go to the parking lot directly to their right to talk. Well what the white car really did was drive in one side of the parking lot and speed out the other end. The lady who was hit had no idea the white car fled until i got out of my car and spoke with her.

The lady who was hit had no idea of the plate number or the car description and was very thankful i had it. The lady in the white car who hit and ran will not be happy.

So remember, think critically, be aware and help one another.

Oh and do not hit and run. You will get caught.

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Threat identification is not optional!

Guys and gals. If you have attended our Concealed Carry course you will hear me adamantly talk about proper target identification.
This officer will now have to live with the knowledge that he shot and could have killed his own daughter. This is not the freaking movies people. We do not just get super lucky with ever shot we take. We do not shoot a person rounding a corner without knowing how it is. We do not shoot at “shapes”. We IDENTIFY our target, we determine if it is a threat and they we use appropriate force.
This person is extremely lucky that he did not kill his daughter or more seriously injure her.
If you have taken my class you know how much I promote lights on home defense weapons. A $100 light can make a world of difference. If you do not believe me, take a low light/no light class and within minutes you will realize why a light is a MUST for a home defense firearm.

Share this with your family and friends who have loved ones living with them. I cannot tell you how many people give me the deer in the headlights look when I tell them to get a weapons mounted light AND a handheld light. They simply never considered it. Do not be one of the people. Do not let your loved ones be one of these people.


See Story HERE

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SADU 62grain 5.56 Penetrators Review

Had a chance to review some SADU 5.56 62 grain penetrators from Buy Guns and Ammo.

This is the description of the ammo per Buy Guns and Ammo website,
– Factory New high-performance, precision-manufactured, SS109 steel penetrator lead core ammunition loaded to NATO specs
– Perfect for your 5.56-chambered AR-15
– Brass-cased, boxer-primed (non-corrosive) and re-loadable.
– Same ammo has been manufactured and sold to the U.S. and foreign Governments for use in combat operations in Iraq/ Afghanistan.
– These 5.56 rounds are not cheap range fodder. Rather, they are battle rounds that are moisture sealed to military specifications for long term storage and packed in 20-round boxes. The ammunition is made in Romania, by Uzina Mecanică Sadu, which is an ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate 154 C) and AQAP 2110 certified manufacturing facility. They have been manufacturing high quality ammunition for 75 years.

I had previously not heard good nor bad about these rounds but seeing as they were on sale for around $360 per thousand shipped when the ammo craze was still in full swing I took a chance and purchased 1,000 rounds. I specifically looked at these rounds due to their price, availability AND because they are sealed which makes them perfect for long term storage.

I found the overall length, crimp and seal to be uniform on all rounds. The brass was also in very good shape and showed no signs of being reloads or beaten up. The ammo came boxed in white 20 round cardboard boxes that barely contain the rounds but do make it easy to stack the ammo in an ammo can if you do not want it loose.

The rounds grouped well during our 36 yard testing using a 7.5inch AR pistol. We had a group slightly larger than a $0.50 piece. I believe the group would have shrunk significantly had we used a rest and taken more time between shots. We also found good group during our 100 yard testing as well. The ammo burned cleanly also which was rather surprising considering many rounds created overseas burn extremely dirty.

The AR pistol used does not like low powder AR rounds and it ate up this ammo. This led me to believe that this ammo is in fact loaded to NATO specs and not underpowered like some Russian ammo. It cycled both the 7.5inch AR pistol and the full length 16inch AR perfectly.

I would highly recommend this ammo both because of its price point but also because of its quality. The red sealant makes this ammo perfect for storage for whatever reason you might have. As ammo begins to decrease in price as it currently is I would still feel comfortable purchasing this ammo if it stays in the $330 area per thousand rounds.

Check out a link below to find the ammo,
SADU 62grain 5.56 Penetrators

Disclaimer: We did not receive the ammo for free nor have any affiliation with the company.