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Holsters, Lights, and more….oh my!

There is a lot to think about when you decide to carry a handgun every day.  Holsters, lights, belts, and more are all things that we need to look at when we decide to carry a handgun every day.  Below we will talk about a few products and companies that I have dealt with and I recommend.


Belts are a primary part of your self defense system.  With a proper belt your holster and firearm will nearly disappear.  The holster will also maintain its position and allow for a constant draw.  A proper belt will not bow, rip, or be deformed after a few months of carry.

Great for Appendix Carry –

Large buckle that is not ideal for Appendix Carry –


Inside the Waistband holsters allow us to conceal our handgun while still keeping it accessible when needed.  We advise appendix or strong side hip as the carry position, a few companies that make great holsters are:

Appendix –

Strong Side Hip –


Outside the Waistband holsters are great for both competition and those that are not interested in carrying a handgun inside of their waistband due to physical or clothing limitations.


Flashlights allow us to positively identify our threats as well as find our way when the lights are out.  Flashlights can be both handheld and weapon mounted.  There is a tradeoff for each, a handheld flashlight can remain in our pocket until needed, however, it will require the use of a hand.  A weapons mounted light allows the user to maintain a two handed grip on their handgun but it cannot be used outside of a self defense scenario.

Handheld –

Weapons Mounted –

Weapons Mounted –


Knives are both a weapon and a utility device.  It can be an everyday item or something that saves your life and takes up little to no space.

Pocket Knife –

Multitool –


The items recommended are items that I personally have and can attest to their performance.  I have put my holsters through thousands of draws, mounted on my belts.  Put thousands of rounds through handguns with the lights mentioned.  I have used the knifes many times for many different things.  All of these devices have served me well and have not broken or failed me.

The links posted do not represent the best prices.  They are simply here so you have an idea of what I use.



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