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You have taken your Ohio Concealed Carry class and successfully applied and received your concealed carry license.  You have trained countless hours on the range and dry fired thousands of times at home.  You know your handgun inside and out.  You know what shots you can and cannot make.  The classes you have taken above your initial concealed carry class have taught you to draw from a holster and concealment with ease and to pick up targets whether in brightest day or darkest night.  You have taken on the role as protector of your house and family.

The area often forgotten, as it is far less than fun, is the law.  The law is meant to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.  The law is complex and like a dense jungle.  You have local, state and federal to consider.  Do you know how the law decides who is the victim and who is the aggressor?  Do you know what to do after a self defense shooting to protect yourself from being considered the aggressor or being shot by police?

These are all things we need to consider.  They are not pleasant, they are not fun, but they are important.




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