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Lessons to Learn Now

Lessons to be learned from the thugs in Kentucky story (see the story here:

First, awareness is key. If you are paying attention to people you will notice their mood as well as the overall mood of a group. If your spidey sense says something is wrong, leave.
Second, bad guys are not like you and I. We respect life, personal property and people in general. The lady mentioned in the story was sitting in her car with her two children when she was attacked. She was punched and had trashcans thrown at her car. She is very fortunate that she was not pulled from her car. What would have become of her children had the group gotten inside her car? Have means of protection on you at all times and if in this similar situation, drive away.
Third, a store clerk was attacked when he tried to stop some of the group from stealing product from his store. The clerk is very fortunate he was not seriously injured or killed. We are responsible and reasonable citizens but bad guys are not. Remember that, drill that into your head. If a group of even 3 people try and steal from you, you need to assess the situation. If you have to turn your back to one thief to address the other you are leaving yourself wide open to attack. Unlike the movies the good guy does not always win and sometimes there is not a winning outcome in general.
Lastly, something I want to hit on is if you carry a handgun how many rounds do you carry. If you carry an average single stack you are looking at 7-10 rounds. Do you carry a backup magazine or speed loader? Even if you are carrying a full size double stack handgun you are at 17+1 rounds. If you have a spare magazine that puts you at 34+1. That sounds like a lot of ammunition. If that mob turns on your because you did not leave when you had the chance and you believe your only option is the use of deadly force do you have what you need?

To sum this up friends, be aware of your surroundings. You can easily tell the mood of a crowd. If your gut says leave, then leave. Know your limitations as well as the limitations of the tools you have. Handguns, OC spray, baton they all have limitations as do you.

If you have family or friends please advise them to like our page so that they can see these sorts of things as it will better prepare them. Also, please insist that family and friends obtain their Ohio Concealed Handgun License. It is not hard to do and a good class goes over more than just shooting, it teaches you to be prepared and aware.

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