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March Contest

March 2014 Contest

When considering what I could do for a March contest, one thing kept popping into my head.  That one thing was holsters.  One thing I have heard from a number of people is that they are unable to live fire practice with their holster.

To remedy this, the March contest prize will be a paid entry into the Hartsgrove, Ohio March 30 USPSA match.  The USPSA match is not something to look at with fear or anxiety.  Instead it is to be looked at as a way to practice not only your holster skills but also how to introduce artificial fear into your practice regiment.

So, what are the rules you are asking!

Easy, simply comment AND share on the facebook post that brought you hear.

See a link to that post HERE

Remember you have to COMMENT and SHARE to be entered.  Please be sure your settings do not restrict me from seeing when you share something!


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