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SADU 62grain 5.56 Penetrators Review

Had a chance to review some SADU 5.56 62 grain penetrators from Buy Guns and Ammo.

This is the description of the ammo per Buy Guns and Ammo website,
– Factory New high-performance, precision-manufactured, SS109 steel penetrator lead core ammunition loaded to NATO specs
– Perfect for your 5.56-chambered AR-15
– Brass-cased, boxer-primed (non-corrosive) and re-loadable.
– Same ammo has been manufactured and sold to the U.S. and foreign Governments for use in combat operations in Iraq/ Afghanistan.
– These 5.56 rounds are not cheap range fodder. Rather, they are battle rounds that are moisture sealed to military specifications for long term storage and packed in 20-round boxes. The ammunition is made in Romania, by Uzina Mecanică Sadu, which is an ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate 154 C) and AQAP 2110 certified manufacturing facility. They have been manufacturing high quality ammunition for 75 years.

I had previously not heard good nor bad about these rounds but seeing as they were on sale for around $360 per thousand shipped when the ammo craze was still in full swing I took a chance and purchased 1,000 rounds. I specifically looked at these rounds due to their price, availability AND because they are sealed which makes them perfect for long term storage.

I found the overall length, crimp and seal to be uniform on all rounds. The brass was also in very good shape and showed no signs of being reloads or beaten up. The ammo came boxed in white 20 round cardboard boxes that barely contain the rounds but do make it easy to stack the ammo in an ammo can if you do not want it loose.

The rounds grouped well during our 36 yard testing using a 7.5inch AR pistol. We had a group slightly larger than a $0.50 piece. I believe the group would have shrunk significantly had we used a rest and taken more time between shots. We also found good group during our 100 yard testing as well. The ammo burned cleanly also which was rather surprising considering many rounds created overseas burn extremely dirty.

The AR pistol used does not like low powder AR rounds and it ate up this ammo. This led me to believe that this ammo is in fact loaded to NATO specs and not underpowered like some Russian ammo. It cycled both the 7.5inch AR pistol and the full length 16inch AR perfectly.

I would highly recommend this ammo both because of its price point but also because of its quality. The red sealant makes this ammo perfect for storage for whatever reason you might have. As ammo begins to decrease in price as it currently is I would still feel comfortable purchasing this ammo if it stays in the $330 area per thousand rounds.

Check out a link below to find the ammo,
SADU 62grain 5.56 Penetrators

Disclaimer: We did not receive the ammo for free nor have any affiliation with the company.

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