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FrogLube available for sale.

Paste – $13 (Top left)
Liquid – $20 (Top right)
Clamshell Kit – $32 (Bottom right)
FrogTube – $53 (Bottom left)

The paste is the core of the FrogLube system. The paste is easily applied to the firearm but the liquid can be used for the hard to get to areas. The clamshell kit includes a solvent for cleaning off petroleum based products you may have used prior. The clamshell also includes the liquid and a great brush for applying the paste which is sold separate. The FrogTube includes the paste, liquid, solvent, brush and microfiber towel all encased in a nice storage tube.
The best part of the FrogLube System is that after applied dirt simply wipes off the firearm. An added bonus is that FrogLube is Natural product that has no adverse smell nor is it flammable.