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Threat identification is not optional!

Guys and gals. If you have attended our Concealed Carry course you will hear me adamantly talk about proper target identification.
This officer will now have to live with the knowledge that he shot and could have killed his own daughter. This is not the freaking movies people. We do not just get super lucky with ever shot we take. We do not shoot a person rounding a corner without knowing how it is. We do not shoot at “shapes”. We IDENTIFY our target, we determine if it is a threat and they we use appropriate force.
This person is extremely lucky that he did not kill his daughter or more seriously injure her.
If you have taken my class you know how much I promote lights on home defense weapons. A $100 light can make a world of difference. If you do not believe me, take a low light/no light class and within minutes you will realize why a light is a MUST for a home defense firearm.

Share this with your family and friends who have loved ones living with them. I cannot tell you how many people give me the deer in the headlights look when I tell them to get a weapons mounted light AND a handheld light. They simply never considered it. Do not be one of the people. Do not let your loved ones be one of these people.


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